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In principle, there are side effects in everything, here you have to weigh the pros and cons, you need to understand what the complications are compared to how many people are saved thanks to the pills. Now almost every day I understand deeper and deeper, I study international websites every day.

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Many students from different universities have subscribed to me, and some are starting to argue that their PhD has taught him the same way. The systematic tightening of rules that regulate the advertising of drugs and medical services is one of the reasons why medicine is considered a difficult area for online marketing.

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In the market of pharmaceutical manufacturers, competition is constantly increasing due to the annual market growth and product turnover. The volume of the commercial market of drugs. Users prefer to seek a solution through a search engine query before contacting the clinic.

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They help people to raise awareness of their troubling diseases, and not only to get information about the preparations. Most of the websites that are advertised for medication are informational. If in the case of advertising non-prescription drugs there is an opportunity to use all channels of communication, then advertising prescription drugs.

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Advertising drugs allows you to quickly reach interested buyers.

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In the meantime, this has not happened, and many people prefer medication for the treatment of folk remedies.

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However, most still consider the best way to reduce drug costs.

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To me, this herb replaces a lot of pills and helps with various diseases. I want to share with you recipes.


Half a cup of shredded mullein roots pour a liter of water. Keep on low heat for 15 minutes.

Take a couple of spoons with honey overnight. From baldness and seborrhea. First of all, this is a well-known dandelion for all of us that pleases our eyes with its yellow flowers from the very early spring. This unpretentious plant is found everywhere. The sexual revolution and the spread of infectious diseases associated with it, as well as the growing tendency of the first pregnancy to grow, are seriously responsible.

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After two or three days of abstinence from sexual activity, the man masturbates in sterile laboratory glassware heated to body temperature. Content is examined within two hours after receiving the sperm, and preferably no later than an hour.

Gynecologists and urologists are aware of the fact that the condition of the pelvic organs is largely determined by the hormonal system that the impaired function of the hypothalamus of the hypothalamus of the adrenal glands can cause impaired function of the organs of the small pelvis. It may be caused by a whole bunch of congenital disorders, but they are far from being so common and are almost always accompanied by chronic diseases.

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Hormonal disorders account for a significant proportion of the causes.

They are often associated with diseases of the pituitary gland. However, the symptomatic nature of thinking, a much greater ease of identifying these disorders. On the third hand, all organs affect the level of overall health.

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In solving the problem an important role belongs to a healthy lifestyle. Two more patients were able to help get rid of by recommending that they eat as much sorrel as possible.

Especially useful to drink decoction of psyllium seeds for the treatment of menopause in men and women. Drink slowly, 30-40 minutes before meals. You can add lemon or honey. Infusion of sage seeds contributes to conception, helps both men and women.

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Allocate primary and secondary erectile dysfunction. Primary (congenital) is characterized by the fact that a man has never in a life been able to perform sexual intercourse. This is extremely rare. Secondary erectile dysfunction is the most frequent option when, for the time being, everything was fine in a man's sex life, and only then problems with erection appeared.

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Most often, men complain of a weak erection, which does not allow sexual intercourse. Sometimes, on the contrary, there is a fairly strong erection, but when you try to intimacy, it quickly disappears.

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